Q: When is class?
A: Class is 7-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursday in Federal Way. Saturday we are 9a-12n, with fitness, karate and kumite each 1 hour. Q: I have no martial arts experience, is that OK? A: Yes, regardless of your experience you will be welcome in class. Everyone, at one time had no experience.
When can I start? A: You can begin your training with us at anytime.
Q: Can I come on a Saturday if I don't know how to fight? A: Yes, however contact Sensei before attending.
Q: Can I come watch, and see what the class is like? A: Anyone is welcome to come and watch for free during any of the class times. It is important to visit a class before you join. Not every Style, Dojo or Instructor are the same.

I trained with another Kyokushin group, may I come?
A: Yes, Kyokushin is Kyokushin, everyone is welcome to train regardless of affiliation with Kyokushin or other Martial Art style.

What can I expect in a typical class?
A: While no two classes are the same, they do follow a general format. We begin with cardio and strength exercises, followed by kihons (basics). In the second half of class we will cover kata, self defense, kumite, flexibility etc.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $100 per month. At first grading you will also be asked to pay international dues, this registers you with Kyokushin Kan International Honbu (headquarters)
Q: Are there any other fees? Grading?
A: Yes, for kyu (under black belt) the fee is $40 which includes certificate and belt. Typically 2 gradings per year. Black Belt fees will be made known to those who are preparing for their tests. Typical time from beginning to black belt is approximately 4 years.

Q: What if I don't have a gi or any equipment?
A: You don't need a gi and you don't need any equipment to start out. Just show up in clothes you can work out in. All necessary equipment can be purchased through Sensei.
Q: What if I am not in shape?
A: We'll work on that. Everyone has a starting point, we will go from there.
Q: What if I am really uncoordinated?
A: We can help. Don't expect it to come overnight.

Q; What if I have a medical conditon? (Such as existing injury, asthma, etc)?
A: Be sure to inform Sensei or the person leading the class. You know what you can or can't do. If you are unable to do a technique or exercise, don't. Most all issues can be dealt with in some manner, modifications/adjustments can be made as appropriate.
Q: Will I get beat up the first day?
A: No. We are nice to new people. Learning martial arts is a process.
Q: Do you compete in tournaments? A: Yes, both instructors and kyus(non-black belts) in our dojo compete locally, nationally and internationally in full contact (knockdown) tournaments.
Q: Do you do Kata? A: Yes. We are a traditional system, which therefore includes Kata
Q: How do I test for belt rank? A: Belt tests consist of cardio, kata and fighting portions. Testing for blue belt requires: member in the club and International Kyokushin, knowledge of the first three katas and completing two full contact two-minute fights. Higher ranks have greater requirements.
Q: I only want to come for Kumite class, can I? A: Generally, if you are coming to Kumite class it is expected you are also attending regular class as well. However, exceptions can be made, speak with Sensei for approval.
Q: Do you do "point sparring?" A: No. Like all Kyokushin, we are a full conact dojo. But you are welcome to goto any tournament you would like.
Q: I have a gi or uniform from another system. Can I wear it? A: Yes. That is fine to start.
Q: What belts are there? A: Our order of belts are: white, blue, yellow, green, brown, black. There are degrees of black.

Kyokushin Seattle is a member of NW Kyokushin under Shihan John Adams and IKOK - Matsushima